माँ !

एक अक्षर का, यह शब्द छोटा सा,
करता है बयान, एक महान दास्ताँ।


‘Woe’man or Woman?

“Finished the book. I am speechless. Very tragic, but a compelling read. An outstanding narrative!” As I typed a mini review of a book I have longed to read since quite some time, I was experiencing oxymoronic emotions. On one hand, I was elated – almost euphoric at having read through one of the most […]

Blame It on Her

Who am I? I’m a girl who has just bade farewell to her teens, jostling her way in a hypocrite society, which pretends fairly well to be modern, yet is retrograde to the very core. On the breakfast table, the other day, as my standard two slices of bread and a mug of bournvita lay […]