न निर्भय, न निर्भया।

यह देख के अपना मुख मत फेरना, कि यह लेख हिंदी में हैं…. क्या करूँ, डर की कोई भाषा नहीं होती ।


The year I learnt to make chai

Another year is going to end. As I look back, I can only think of the same stale words I say out loud every December end- “gone too fast, hasn’t it?” At least for the last couple of years, particularly since my graduation, time seems to have been flying furiously- almost like a roller coaster […]

Fading Smiles, Lost Hellos

Have you too noticed something lately, or is it just me? For boy, then I should be worried. You know, I might actually be a victim of some involuntary and purposeless over-thinking. And if that is really so, it’ll be prudent, at this stage, to rephrase the entire thing (good for me, the cat is […]

Through the Eyes of Travellers

Here comes December! – That time of the year when most college students await the end of the semester exams, much more eagerly than they await their birthdays; to pack their bags to the sunny and sandy beaches of Goa, and leave all the winter chills and spills behind. All those months of planning in between lectures, inviting friends and friends of friends, looking for economy tickets, drawing itineraries, shopping ‘scanty’ clothes from Janpath and Sarojini- are finally going to culminate into one long breezy vacation at the Konkan coast- and the best part, with no strings attached!

मालूम नहीं मंज़िल!

She: (exceedingly enthusiastic) Did you read that article on the Telecom operators’ imbroglio? What an explainer! They had laid bare all the details in such a lucid fashion. I could so understand why my calls keep on getting disconnected.

He: (judgemental-disappointed) The article on call drops and call block? Why would you even waste your time going through that, they will never ask it in the ‘Exam’.

She: (honestly) Because, I wanted to know why it was happening.

छोटी सी मुलाकात, बड़ी सी बात|

“वह शायद इसके अतिरिक्त मेरे बारे में कुछ नहीं जानते थे कि मैं अपने पापा कि बेटी हूँ, और ना ही मैं उनको अपने पिता के दोस्त होने के अलावा जानती थी, लेकिन आज उन्होने जो बात मुझसे कही, उसकी आवश्यकता मुझे बिल्कुल इसी समय में थी, यह पता नहीं उन्हें कैसे पता था|”