माँ !

एक अक्षर का, यह शब्द छोटा सा,
करता है बयान, एक महान दास्ताँ।


Those were the days

Walking on the road, on a bright sunday afternoon, surrounded by swinging tress and chirruping of birds, your mind is in a playful mood, everything makes you smile… Every single happening just widens the length of your grin. And then you set your eyes on the cutest form attained by a mortal – that of […]

Connexion : Missing or Lost?

As I stood on a not so busy road, early at 5:45 A.M., I made a number of dumbfounding revelations which left me ashamed of what I had become as I enter my sophomore year. Purported to be a morning walk with my father, what it turned out to be was an introspective swim deep in […]