Dare not, double deal!


Sometimes, I wonder,
How miserable would you be?
After doing what you did,
How long would you weep?

Or, weep at all,
Would you, sweet pea?
If you haven’t already,
Got yourself a new keep!
Maybe tis’ was all,
Up in my head,
And, all you were,
Just a real creep!

But, hey darling,
Not so soon,
The party ain’t over,
It’s just noon.
For, I am not,
Who I used to be,
And you weren’t really,
The first to cheat.

So next time, my dear,
Dare not, double deal.
If you’re not happy,
Chin up and leave.
For if not now,
One day too soon,
Ghosts of the girlfriend’s past,
Will make you misty and maroon!

As for me, my love,
It took me two, to learn.
Every new beginning,
Comes from another’s end.
So must I cry,
Cringe and be blue,
Or let dear karma,
Get back to you!


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