I said a prayer one day


I said a prayer one day,
Man would not cast man away.
I said a prayer one day,
Compassion would be the mainstay.
I said a prayer one day,
Kindness would win its way.
I said a prayer one day,
One man would be the predator,
And the other, a bird of prey.

I offered forgiveness one day,
Hatred will melt away.
I extended a hand of friendship one day,
Good faith will prevail.
I proposed truce one day,
Peace will have its way.
Alas, what happened that day,
Was lamentable, to no avail!

Ever wondered, have you?
The future we’re headed to.
Wearing a cloak of deceit,
Graced with conceit.
Unabashedly we roam,
With an egregious syndrome.

What is wrong with our race?
Fighting a lost case.
Ready to throttle one another,
Even one’s own brother.
We know no fear,
No guilt, no regret.
Selfishly pursuing,
Our thoughtless interest.

So I decided to pray,
Not out of despair,
Or social welfare.
But, for folks gone astray.
For I know, they aren’t evil,
Or beyond repair.
Just a little impaired,
Who need God’s grace.

I said my prayer,
Thereafter, every day.
Reminded of Alder,
Who said one day-

Some are sent to battle,
To win in fair weather;
And some are sent,
To reduce to nether;
But, there are also those,
Who are sent by God,
To end it altogether!
To end it altogether!


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