With love

If I were a poem,
You were my rhythm.
If I were a flower,
You were my fragrance.
If I were a heart,
You were my beat.
Without you,
I was incomplete.

One day, you said Goodbye.
Is it over?, I asked teary eyed.
To fill in the gap,
I tried my best.
Until you returned,
I had to wait.

Don’t wait- they said,
It’ll only bring you pain.
But what if he comes?
It’ll be my most ecstatic gain.

The odds of the ‘not’ are higher-
I know.
But higher the risk, higher the return-
I have been told.

Often, they would ask,
How long did it last?
Rather, shocked was I-
Why use past?

I say to them-
Two years with him, and two years since.
Four, we are going to complete.
They look at me-
think I am mad.
Move on- they tell me.
But from what?- I ask.

I loved you, then,
when we were together.
More so now,
Since the day, you left.
Because, your absence taught me one great lesson.

Our love wasn’t physical,
‘Twas rather divine.
Separated, we might be.
But, why whine?

“Physical attraction is common,
But a mental connection-rare.”
Your absence, my dear,
couldn’t inhibit our affair.


2 thoughts on “With love

  1. I think it’s beautiful. The longing, melancholy is hard to miss! You know my appreciation for all this mushy stuff (read-romance) is zilch, but I enjoyed reading this one. Simply splendid! Keep writing! Cheers! 🙂

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