‘Woe’man or Woman?

“Finished the book. I am speechless. Very tragic, but a compelling read. An outstanding narrative!”
As I typed a mini review of a book I have longed to read since quite some time, I was experiencing oxymoronic emotions. On one hand, I was elated – almost euphoric at having read through one of the most brilliantly written books, while on the other, I sat with a pierced and a punctured heart – refusing to believe – that was once for real – the woefully pitiable & deplorable condition of women in the war time Afghanistan – where they were beaten, stoned, flogged by the people in the system and whipped and lashed to (almost) death by her husband.
A Thousand Splendid Suns” – when I first picked up this book – its bright yellow cover filled my heart with optimism, its title was deceptively suggestive of sanguinity, ‘Splendid Suns’, yet what I discovered later – you actually needed, at least I did, a very strong heart to be able to read through such an excruciating tragic tale.
I read a line in the same book where a mother is addressing her daughter – “Learn to endure! Because a man’s accusing finger will always find a woman.” Sad indeed, but true!
Even in our dear country ,through times immemorial women have weathered a lot of pain and suffering.Why talk about the past someone would say? When the present scenario is no better in spite of all the development, which is taking place. The December 16, 2012 incident – the gang rape case was a blotch on the status of women in this land.
It wasn’t one of a kind, really because I particularly remember having abandoned my newspaper reading habit for more than a week after this incident because it was flooded with incidents depicting such heinous brutality against woman – G-rape, rape of a toddler, and the list was endless. It was heartrending to see such a commodification of a woman who all her life has to endure so much pain and what pains the most is when she meets such a calamitous end. Her pain has no end – internally and externally.
Right from beautification – having getting hair stripped off your body that too with a hot wax, I actually sometime wonder how many guys can get that done on a routine basis. Well this can be called a more fancifying and embellishing pain on a light hearted note. To the monthly hormonal pain making her strong for inevitable and most intense of all pains – that of child birth, while she has no other option than to cheerfully bear and brave these more internal pains, yet why is she inflicted with additional external pains in the form of sexual assault or its more grave like.
Is she not going through a lot already? Yes it’s true that women should come forth right fighting for their rights, be alert – not give others a chance to use or misuse them – but why can’t the demonic and despicable psyche of males be cured in the first place?
For if such is the amount of pain a woman will have to undergo each time she is born of the fairer sex, I’d ask God not to make me one again.
Good Night!
2:07 am

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