Those were the days

Walking on the road, on a bright sunday afternoon, surrounded by swinging tress and chirruping of birds, your mind is in a playful mood, everything makes you smile… Every single happening just widens the length of your grin. And then you set your eyes on the cutest form attained by a mortal – that of a toddler. The nomenclature itself hints how adorable such a specimen would be. Strangely enough, we don’t value the importance of this playful stage while being a part of it. My memory doesn’t fail me while painting images, till date, of those merry days, when i would pin up mommy’s dupatta on my hair so as to have virtually long hair, then wrap around it as a sari – the innocent most motive in the entire exercise being to grow up as soon enough as possible. And then as if lord, to grant my wish, presented me with a time turner which made time fly. And the flight was soo brisk that, so smooth that now that the little catterpillar has turned into a beautiful butterfly, all that she has is the cherished memories of that time gone. Now I wish, if I were a child again, mommy would herself buy off shoulder or halter dresses for her princess, daddy himself would say “Go play with this liltle boy, till I have a quick chat with uncle.” Compare this situation to today’s time when ,on wearing a “little-revealing” dress, first question would come up from daddy’s side, while mommy would be the first to inquire the whereabouts of that now grown up little boy. Fun it was. Carefree days! Mom herself would send us out to play. Dad would take us to trade fairs. And then the question answer round with the evening walk, in which me and my sister would fight who’d answer first. I just so wish to relive those days. Jab padhai related tension was the last thing on your mind, when the bigger worry was which costume to wear on the fancy dress competition. Only now I realise ,

“Those were the best days of my life.”


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