Obediently Yours

On a lazy sunday afternoon, as it turns out to be, I sat hidden behind The Hindu , soaked in the Open Page for hours altogether , when a friend barged into my room, accusing me of wasting a day of my precious preparatory break. Taken aback I was, if reading editorials, in the days nearing the exams was considered such a grievous crime. The other day, another chum remarked, “I know you’re intelligent, but you don’t really seem to be.” Healthy remarks as these were, coming from my comrades for whom nothing was more important than the mammoth B.COM Honours Semester Exams, I laughed it off. I do not blame them, for they did not know what immense pleasure can reading a thing as boring as an op-ed page article give to a person as boring as me. Its been almost a year, since the day when I thought all commerce and accounts was over from my life. When I decided I’d delve myself in literature or take a plunge in the world of journalism, and merrily embark upon my voyage with words.  As thorny as life can be, my titanic too was struck by a gigantic ice berg by the name of CBSE Results. I call it an impediment in the way of my dreams, for “sadly”, I topped. For any aspiring commerce student, that day would have been special. In today’s day of unmountable cutoffs, a result as grand as mine was truly a launchpad to the Premier Colleges of the country, boasting more than 100% success of placements in Prime Corporations. But what about someone who had aspired for a humble BA Honours in English, Journalism or Psychology? Elders’ “most honourable” experience would declare prefering a course as creative as the ones mentioned above, “not a very great idea”. What follows later, is not hidden from anyone. A promising student until now, she finds herself in an ugly middle position where she knows if she puts her heart and soul to this over-rated degree of BCOM Hons, she can once again regain her lost title, where people would not have to comment on her intelligence.  But what if she knows, her passiom lies in reading and writing. She would, anytime, prefer to devote a day reading editorials and literatures, than micro economic theory and applications by Pindyck and Rubenfield. She finds herself in an identity crisis. This is not the world she belongs to. Why is it that a CA’s son has to become a CA even if his calling lies in Economics or English ? Why ? Why do most parents still want their children to opt for conventional career options for the sake of job security ? If they are performing fair now, they would have excelled then.
The Greek Philosopher Socrates once said,
It is not living that matters, but living rightly.
Quoting him, I adorn his statement by adding,
“Your living is right only when you are happy, and happy you are where ever your heart is.”
Obediently yours. . .
 P.S. Written with absolutely no mal intentions towards my lucky fellow mates pursuing the creative courses . I would have loved to be one like you .

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