The Road less traveled!

Having breakfast of Idli and Vada for the fourth consecutive day, I was wondering if I’ll be able to recreate this holiday of mine with ink. If you ask me, writing travelogues has never been my forte, but I have a strong inspiration which drove me into writing this one. I told a friend, “I am in Coorg” to which he retorted, “Whats the full form?” It won’t be an exaggeration to say that places like Coorg are practically undiscovered by the outside world. Named the ‘Scotland of India‘ by the Britishers, district Coorg or Kodagu, approximately 260km from Bengaluru in  Karnataka, is charecterised by majestic lush green environ. Rightly said, one can meander for hours altogether along narrow roads winding through estates with row upon row of neatly trimmed coffee bushes and silver oak trees on which pepper vines creep beautifully. If you can drive down your memory lane and recollect the the chapter on Agriculture in the 10th standard Geography text book, you would, at once, recollect that Karnataka is the biggest producer  of coffee in India, of which Coorg provides a startling evidence where every few metres you can spot Arabica and Robusta variety of coffee bushes. Apart from “the beans”, one can also site trees of pepper, jackfruit, arecnut, the now declining vanilla essence, banana,  orange, cheeko, ferns and avocado. It is also widely popular for honey production. Coorg, most certainly,possesses a very rich and exotic variety of flora and fauna. Early morning trekkers, if lucky enough can catch a good sight of rocket tailed drongo, Indian hanging parrot, Red- whiskered bulbul , scarlet minivet, ashy woodswallow and the like. As for the wildlife, the tuskers here have created quite a havoc on the locals taking 30-40 lives every year. To spot one, one shall be considered lucky as well as unlucky at the same time. Coming on to the climate! I can’t seem to find precise words to describe the miraculous weather experienced in this southern district. Coming from 40 degree celsius in Delhi, to 25 degree celcius in Banglore,  it came as a complete shocker when I woke to a stupendously fresh and chilly breezy morning. It was hard to imagine that just a day or two back I was putting up with the scorching and sweltering heat up north to abso-bloody-lutely cold and rainy weather down south. The heavenly showers put up a perpetual on and off show here. This region, as told by my uncle is most correctly called Malnad, for in Kannad, mal means rain and nad means country. The country of rains! Up in Talacauvery ; the origin of river in Cauvery, I so desperately wished if my spectacles had attached wipers. For bright sunshine just a second ago, gave way to heavy downpour. Also in Kodagu, there is a town called Madikeri, known as one of the most beautiful place in India. Now did you imagine that? Allow me to show you another historical recollect in here. Remember Field Marshal K.M. Carriapa, the first commander of the independent Indian Armed Forces? I am sure you must have heard this name. This great man too was from the majestic and mesmerizing  Coorg. What would you think of 21st century without the advent of technology? Incomplete, rather incomprehendable! Same would a travelogue be without the mention of food. For non vegetarians, good news! There would be absolutely no problem, for Pork is a delicacy here. For herbivores like myself, umm if you enjoy only typical north Indian food like paneer and rajma, you are in for disappointment. If you’re a food lover, ready to experiment with any and every kind of dish, you’ll have a great time with  Cosamalli- lookalike of salad, Morkozhambu – Pumpkin in curd and my favourite, Mango Curry- a must try local dish! Having sighted 5 tuskers in a grassland, taken a bite of Maduur vada in Maduur, midway of Mysore and Banglore, and sipped tender coconut, I call my trip complete! So when are you leaving? 😉

P.S. With wet socks and soaked shoes, as I keep my pen down, I recommend you must carry a sweatshirt and an umbrella!


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