Vive La Chandigarh

January 28, 2012

Imagine a girl, who, for her 8:45 A.M. lecture leaves her hostel room at nothing less than 8:50 A.M. Its easily understood how dear would sleep be to her, who would prefer skipping breakfast for lack of time but no compromise with Slumber. Umm, yes that is at present my lifestyle.

After yearning hard and harder in the last 6 months for waking up at least once early in the morning, basking in the glow of the rising sun but sadly , in vain. And today , “Oh what a beautiful start!” I was fully charged when uncle came up with the idea of morning walk at Sukhna  Lake , though was utterly disappointed when he announced, ” be ready by 6:15 A.M. I mean “morning walk” , isn’t that supposed to be at around 7.30 – 8A.M. Its winters, that too, one of the coldest winters north India is experiencing in the past 10 years.

This is no super exaggerated comment on the winters but wake up any student at 6’o clock on a chilly January morning, i bet my life, she’ll say that ! Call it the charm of the City Beautiful, that one of the laziest persons this earth would have ever witnessed , woke up all by herself at dot 6,  energized to relish each and every moment spent in this spectacular city. Though, I made uncle and aunty walk those extra 750 mts ( or, say 1.5km together with the way back) , in search of Buddha, it was, certainly, a tranquilizing view of the Garden of Silence ! It was my first, early morning walk beside a lake, and Oh Boi, it was enchanting.The symmetrical flight of the migratory birds added grandeur to the beauty of the lake.

Completely enamored by the serenity of this pristine city, I once again was lost in thought , that is that it? Have I actually LEFT this unparalleled city ? Its like a man, devoid of oxygen, devoured by his disease who springs up at the good news of the sudden arrival of fresh air. In hope of a new life. That is how I would describe my attachment with this city. This is not my birth place, this is not even the place where I have a house to look back to. But the sudden plan of coming back here after those never ending 3 months in Delhi, brought back all my emotions alive.
It is heartening when I think that the span of 11 marvelous years that God had planned for me in this majestic city , is over. But, I am extremely blessed for i don’t know what but there is some centripetal force pulling me back here. I , have not, and maybe shall never accept the fact that this city doesn’t belong to me anymore.

I have a dream that Our Magnificent Chandigarh shall house The Indian J.K. Rowling who’ll own a beautiful mansion in the lovely sector 8 , and yes, you are all invited to my house warming party whence we’l cut the deliciously made cake of Monika’s and Celebrate 😉


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